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Junkiez About

Who We Are


Coffee Junkiez was established in the late fall of 2005 by Jasan Julius.  After attending a Coffee Expo in Seattle, Washington about a decade earlier;  Jasan then moved forward with his vision of creating a brand that he saw as having a national potential based on serving non-alcoholic caffeinated beverages via small drive-thru operations.  While he wanted to make sure that the business foundation was based on industry standards, he very much wanted to be different than the crowd and has definitely broken a few rules and created some new standards.  While the business and brand have encountered many challenges, we have achieved many awards and recognitions in our home town of Kokomo, The City of Firsts, which have validated the vision of being one of the best in the industry, and doing it our own way!

The Mission


Our tongue-in-cheek purpose is to supply our junkiez with great food, beverages, and service, and we achieve this by procuring the best supply we can, and by being served by dedicated, happy, professional, and prideful Barista’s and Pie Builders!

Our mission that we take very seriously is to marry quality products with exceptional service, and to add value to our community by creating jobs and supporting and participating in local efforts to make the communities we exist in a better place! While coffee or great drinks are meant to stimulate the senses, we also see ourselves as serving one of life’s simple pleasures, and we strive to position our pizzas as comfort food, and not just another meal. We take great pride in serving our customers and community, and a cornerstone of our business is to continue to innovate and create new products that are not only delicious, but obsessively mouthwatering