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"This place is appropriately named as their coffee concoctions are like crack cocaine to me. My general go-to is the Milky Way Mocha, which is, just as my favorite candy bar, a delicious delicacy with that added coffee boost perk. The Smores mocha is also very good. But worry not coffee drinkers who don't like frilly drinks, the fresh coffee is equally good."

Josiah B., Google

"This is a hidden diamond. Prices are fantastic, service is great, friendly, helpful and always in a good mood. Now for the best part, everything is so delicious, the muffins are to die for and the coffee well you just have to try it for yourself. So many flavors to choose from and they are great."

Bonita M., Google

"Amazing coffee and the staff makes it even better. Great coffee. Great people. Amazing prices. Can't beat it."

Whitney T., Google

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! They excell in many areas. My entire family truly enjoys every item we purchase from Coffee Junkies. The only thing better than their products is their customer service!!!!

Damaris C., Google

It's a quiet little place tucked away behind tamale and steak and shake. They serve their own coffee and some amazing pizzas. They have over 15 types of coffee options and an equal number of pizza options too. I tried their Junkiez mocha (hot) and their Tuscan chicken pizza on regular crust along with their bread sticks. The coffee was adequately sweet, not overpowering and I could taste the hint of chocolate and coffee! The pizza had a very homely taste too it, which I loved. And the bread sticks (knotted) were delicious, dropping with butter and garlic. Loved the little chocolate covered coffee bean on my coffee cup, it was a nice touch 🙂

Naikita, M. Google

"Who knew that coffee and pizza went together so well? The staff he was so friendly. The greeted everyone on the way there and on the way out. It is very clean place. They have a pickup window that you can drive up to and order your coffee and pickup your carry out orders. I made my carry out order online. It was so simple. I got the taco pizza and bread sticks and they were delicious. When i picked up my order, I decided not to use the drive through and go in because I found their coffee selections intriguing. I added a Salted Caramel Cupcake Mochaz to my order and I am glad I did. It was liquid heaven (and I am not a big coffee drinker). This Coffee/Pizza place is awesome. It you need to get your coffee fix or cure your pizza blues, this place is definitely worth a stop. I highly recommend checking this place out."

Tank G., Yelp

"A jewel on the south side of Indy I am kicking myself in the butt for not trying this place sooner. Everything ive tried was fantastic I was very impressed and impressing me is very hard to do . If you haven't tried this place what are you waiting for stop trying to decide where to eat or get a coffee go here I waited to long to try it and am mad at myself for not trying sooner . Just try it all to gain nothing to lose win win now one of my favorite places"

Jennifer A., Yelp

"Great food, great coffee, great pizza and most of all great staff!! The staff goes to great lengths to make sure I get the exact type and flavor of coffee that I want every single time!! Always friendly!! I highly recommend this business to all!!! I'd give ten stars if I could!!"

Pam J., Yelp